A New Car Rental and Tourism Concept in the Northern Portugal.

BLUE SMILE was born to develop a new concept of LowCost car rental (economic model based on the competitive price and the efficiency of a product or service at a more economical price), the rental of Bicycles, Scooters, etc., and the realization of attractive and ecological Tourist Events and Itineraries.

“Global warming and the subsequent increase in temperature of “Our Blue Planet”, causing the “greenhouse” effect due to the accumulation of large amounts of polluting gases released into the atmosphere by factories, thermoelectric, heating and cooling plants and mainly by vehicles motorized and polluting, it leads us more and more to choose a more ecological and healthy life and way of thinking. The global financial crisis obliges us, in turn, to revise consumption habits worldwide, forcing us to change mentality with greater care for our own ecological footprint, as individuals or as a collective. ”

BLUE SMILE intends to be one of the pioneering companies to contribute to the conservation of "Our Blue Planet", providing a service dedicated to the rental of low polluting vehicles, bicycles and services linked to land routes, ecological and touristically interesting. We want a healthy, satisfied and smiling Customer (SMILE) so that he is another one to contribute to the coexistence of this "Our Blue Planet" where the dominant color is blue (BLUE).

For this reason, BLUE SMILE wants each of us to feel a smile in the face of a more sustainable and balanced future, both in the pleasure of knowledge and in the diversity of tourism, and primarily in saving our own and natural resources.

BLUE SMILE represents evolution, tranquility, movement, joy, satisfaction… and savings! It is time for You to drive your smile.





Meet the needs of our customers, offering the best solutions in the vehicles’ rental with products and services based on environmental and ecological sustainability combined with the most qualitative mobility possible and with great social responsibility.


Become a benchmark in the low-cost and low-pollutant passenger car rental segment, renting bicycles and other means of mobility of an environmental and ecological nature, organizing ecological events and knowledge routes of regions and traditions from north to south of Portugal.


• Ethics and transparency in all relationships;

• Appreciation of the team's work;

• Healthy commitment to the customer;

• Constant search for innovation and sustainability;

• Differentiated and personalized service;

• 24 hour assistance throughout the country;

• Modern and diversified fleet;

• Rental locations with total comfort for our customers.

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