From 2 seats to 9 seats;


Of various dimensions;


Of various dimensions (look the rates HERE);


That will meet the needs and pretensions of the Clients, such as:

the I. C. D. W., the E. C. D. W., the S. C. D. W., the P. A. I., the T. W., the Q. I. V., the SUPER PLUS coverage, the various Insurance Packages,

the Additional Driver Supplement, the Young Driver Supplement, the Via Verde Toll Service, and others supplements;

EASY GO - If you cannot reach us, we will reach you. If you are at a specific airport, hotel, company, campsite, club, so on, do not worry. Leave it to us! We will pick you up and bring you to one of Blue Smile's Service Stations to be able to rent your car comfortably. We also do the same service but in reverse, that is, from one of Blue Smile's Service Stations as far as it deems most appropriate to stay. To do so, simply request the Blue Smile transfer service with some advance notice that we will be there for you to serve you well;

DIRECT RENT - if you want to receive or return the rental vehicle at a certain location (i.e.: airport, hotel, company, camping site, club, so on) don't worry. Blue Smile takes care of everything. Just at the time of booking tell us what you really want and we will facilitate our mobility services for your own convenience. The service is only available within a radius of 25 km for light passenger and goods vehicles and within a radius of 5 km for bicycles from the Service Station closest to the place where you intend to receive or return the vehicle. The DIRECT RENT service is available when making your reservation on the website simulator;

LATE RENT - if you want to deliver or receive a specific car rented outside Blue Smile's working hours, there is no problem. Blue Smile's LATE RENT Supplement allows you to deliver or receive your rental car at a more flexible and extended time;

30 RENT - Blue Smile offers you the possibility to rent a vehicle or, therefore, a considerable number of vehicles, for a period of 30 days at an extraordinarily competitive price. We have a set of possibilities and situations that meet your real needs, such as the number of kilometers needed, the type of vehicle, so on. The 30 RENT by Blue Smile modality allows the renewal for equal periods of time or, the possibility of making a new rental contract with an eventual change of vehicle, depending on certain parameters of quality and requirement;

BE BLUE SMILE PARTNER - if you are a frequent and regular customer of Blue Smile then you are a privileged customer and, therefore, benefited. Now Blue Smile considers you a Partner Customer. This means that you will have advantageous conditions, such as a significant reduction in the rate, the possibility of returning the rented vehicle with a tolerance of up to 1 hour after the stipulated time for check-in, etc. Therefore, to be a Partner Customer, you must have a minimum number of 15 rental contracts with Blue Smile. Be a Partner Customer and be happier !;

FLEX AND RENT NOW - Blue Smile intends to go hand in hand with the Client. New situations and new needs lead Blue Smile to adjust solutions, making it possible for the Client to effectively rent a certain vehicle according to his wishes. Therefore, propose to us what you really need, which we will analyze effectively and carefully and, with all possible certainty, we will, together, reach a solution;

WEEKEND CAMPAIGNS - throughout the year Blue Smile does campaigns for light passenger vehicles with extremely significant discounts so that you can enjoy one of the most beautiful countries in the world, ours, Portugal. In the weekend campaigns, you can pick up the rented car on Fridays, between 5 pm and 7 pm, and you can return it the following Monday, between 9 am and 10 am. Extended hours with weekend prices. Weekend campaigns do not apply for periods of high or semi-high season, that is, between July 1 and September 30 and between December 15 and January 15;

SPECIFIC CAMPAIGNS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR - Blue Smile has, throughout the year, campaigns directed at specific car groups and for certain periods of time. Be aware! When you least expect it Blue Smile surprises you with very significant discounts;

INTEGRATED GPS - Blue Smile has vehicles with navigation systems already incorporated as standard (factory) so that you can get to know Portugal and Europe better, thus reaching your destination more easily;

PORTUGUESE PARTNERS´S ECOMOBILE - take advantage of the partnerships that Blue Smile has with Public, Private Entities, Hotels, Hostels, Pousadas de Portugal, Camping Clubs, Restaurants, Leisure and Tourism Companies, so on. Find out more by contacting Blue Smile's commercial services;

MANY OTHERS SOLUTIONS - Blue Smile also offers rental baby seats, child seats, GPS (navigation's system), GPS with tourist guides (tourist, gastronomic, cultural, leisure routes, etc.);

ECOTOUR - Blue Smile has a commercial partnership in Portugal with Ecomobile – Rent a Car to enable the services of tourist guides, itineraries and tourist routes, to show the best that Portugal has;

A DRIVER, PLEASE - Blue Smile will soon have rentals for passenger and goods vehicles with driver.

Note: All services provided by Blue Smile are only applicable in the Portuguese Territory and are only carried out and implemented after booking and prior payment. All available services require the vehicle rental (s).

For more information contact the Blue Smile Booking Center through the bookings number +351 223 205 857 (national call) or by e-mail