What is included in the Base Daily Rate*:

Passenger and van vehicles have a maximum limit of 3,000 kilometers per Rental Contract. However, van vehicles have a maximum number of kilometers allowed per day or per Rental Contract, depending on the number of days contracted but always with a maximum allowed limit of 3,000 per Rental Contract. If the maximum number of kilometers allowed per day or per Rental Contract is exceeded, you will have to pay €0.50 per extra kilometer (VAT included);

Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance (R.C.) in the amount of € 50,000,000.00 (exempt from Taxes under article 9, nº. 28 of CIVA) + 24h Travel Assistance + CDW (Collision Damage Waiver Insurance with Minimum Deductible Deposit) The amount of the Minimum Deductible Deposit varies depending on the contracted vehicle group. Exempt from Taxes under article 9, no. 28 of CIVA) + Circulation Supplement (LAF / Road-Tax) + Any connected Via Verde services + Possible Airport Fees + Best Price (Best Price Guarantee) + Taxes at the legal rate in force + Maximum number of kilometers per rental. For more information, contact the Booking Center or learn more on the Insurances and Coverages page;

Taxes included at the current legal rate.

* - not included bycicles.

Additional information:

If the booking is made less than 24 hours before the vehicle pick-up time, Blue Smile does not guarantee the rental;

The present simulation is intended solely and exclusively for the circulation of the rented vehicle in Portugal mainland. Circulation outside the Portuguese territory is expressly prohibited;

Carrying out the rental implies the provision of a deposit regardless of the excess franchise selected, depending on the car group in question. The deposit must always be paid by credit card;

Returning the vehicle (check-out) at another Service Station implies charging an extra called "One-way". For passenger vehicles the "One-way" is €25.00 (taxes included) and for commercial vehicles the "One-way" is €50.00 (taxes included);

The collection (check-out) or return (check-in) of the vehicle outside the Service Station schedule implies an extra charge, known as "Out of Hours". The "Out of Hours" has a cost of €35.00 (taxes included) per service. The "Out of Hours" service can be applied both in the pick-up and in the return of the vehicle, that is, according to the time, for both the delivery and the return, it can be applied up to a maximum of two services;

In case there is more than one driver per Rental Contract, the coverage designated as "Additional Driver" will apply. This coverage is applied depending on the number of drivers;

If the main driver or the additional driver(s) are aged less than or equal to 25 years old, the “Young Driver” coverage will apply. This coverage is applied depending on the number of drivers aged 25 or under;

Virtual Credit Card is not allowed to make the deposit. A Physical Credit Card is required to pick up the car.

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